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lamptable 18th century

€ 225.00

Here is a gorgeous little table for next to your armchair to take a lamp a book and a cup of tea, or something stronger. This was made before 1800 so it was made in the period of George III, it has lovely boxwood lining down all sides of the mahogany legs, a simple black and white line framing a crossbanded top, lovely understated simplicity of design typical of these Georgian pieces. the patina is what really makes this piece as it has a completely original waxed finish showing all the acceptable blemishes that furniture of this very desirable period should have, remember this simple piece pre dates the engine the aeroplane electricity and just about everything we know of in this modern age, but we can still all use a little table to put our lamp, book and a drink on.

Buy a piece of history it will probably still be here in another 200 years, you won't your just a temporary custodian!!

size: 51cm x 37cm x 75cm tall.