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Breakfront secretaire bookcaseSOLD

This is quite a remarkable piece, made in England in the late 18th century probably for the British royalty, it has a label in the drawer that states it was in the Holyrood palace in Edinburgh Scotland, this is one of the three royal palace's of the British monarchy, also on the back of one of the wings there is a label with the name Lady Mabel Airlie who was retained at court as the lady of the bed chamber to the Princess of Wales and later Queen Mary, so a more remarkable or better providence than this could not be wished for !!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mabell_Ogilvy,_Countess_of_Airlie

Needless to say this piece is of the finest quality and has been maintained with no expence spared, breaks down to four pieces for tranporting.

( one piece of glass is currently absent and being replaced)

size : 180cm x 51cm x 235cm high.