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Inlaid China cabinetSOLD

Sheraton style mahogany china cabinet with lovely inlays and hand painted flowers, with a red velvet lined interior.

These china cabinets were in production from the 1890's to 1920 roughly and were the reproduction of the earlier Thomas Sheraton pieces.

The East end of London was where the furniture makers used to be situated very often in the arches under the railway viaducts, the workforce would have been largely imigrants from the colonies, at the same time they were producing the ever popular inlaid bedroon suites, and barley twist gateleg tables in dark oak. In later years beginning in the fiftys they made the mahogany and yew wood regency style furniture, these days this trade has largely died out and what makers there are have had to move to cheaper locations outside the capital.

size : 60cm x 30cm x 150cm tall.