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Secretaire bookcaseSOLD

This is quite a remarkable piece of furniture dates back to the late 18th century, never have I seen anything similar to it in configuration , beleived to be completely origional, has a huge amount of drawers, all in oak with mahogany curl fronts, boxwood edging, the small but very long drawers are probably designed to take architects drawings rolled up, could of also have been for maps or charts  which may indicate a campaign or a marine usage.

Has a fold open drawer front secretaire, lovely bank of small drawers, with the origional Georgian drops.

Top carcase is also of very high quality, thirteen pane astricle barring, and again the boxwood edging on the doors, the back is boarded in oak.

This is a very substantial and unique piece made for a customer, who would have had very deep pockets!!, it has been built in solid oak and mahogany where normally pine would be substituted, condition is very good, is wax finished and appears to have been well looked after, with all its origional glass quite remarkably.

size : 124cm x 60cm x 215cm high.